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Fever screening solutions for
health, safety, and peace of mind.
Fever screening solutions for
health, safety, and peace of mind.
Fever screening solutions for
health, safety, and peace of mind.
Fever screening solutions for
health, safety, and peace of mind.

Businesses are taking action and using IR TempCheck™

Safety: Reduce viral infections and help save lives.

Elevated internal Body Temperature (i.e. Fever) is a common symptom of viral respiratory infections such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). Infected Individuals displaying a fever, pose a risk to facilities, work sites, and the general public.

Reduce Risks to Employee Health and Business Profits

Disruptions to routine business operations and increased health risks are creating increased strain and frustration within organizations and on their bottom lines. There is a real need for solutions to address the comfort and continued functioning of normal operations.

Provide Comfort and Well Being

Business’s concerned with the well-being of their clients, tenants, and employees need solutions to provide comfort and security. IR TempCheck™ is confidential, safe, non-contact, and secure. Learn more about How it Works.

Get it right. Hire an Expert

Choosing the right equipment and design is central to the success of any screening system. IR TempCheck™ brings advanced thermal technology together with guidelines from facility and health experts to provide customizable solutions that produce real results.
Using advanced infrared technology and parameters developed by experts in thermography and facility maintenance. Check out our Expert Setups.

IR TempCheck™ is an instantaneous screening system that measures body temperature of individual people as they pass through stations; providing the ability to identify individuals with potential fever and reduce the spread of disease throughout facilities, worksites, and events.

Outdoor events
Entertainment venues
Municipal buildings
schools and universities
healthcare facilities
transportation facilities
Manufacturing & distribution facilities
Office buildings
Shopping and Retail centers

The IR Temp Check™ Advantage:

Small and large systems

Fits any location

Rapid deployment

Immediate Results


Passive & Intensive systems

Match your vision with the desired result

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Expert advice and training

Get your Vision fulfilled

Things are moving quickly. Take Proactive steps. Don’t be left behind.

Fast. Professional. Accurate. Whatever your goals are, we have you covered. Our team of experts will take the time to understand your needs and provide you with a customized solution.

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